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Its lovely to be back :)
Ahahah. Oh dear.
If this name and text doesn't make it into the final game, they might as well cancel WoW now "[link]"
Merry Christmas!
Merry Xmas everyone!!!!!
hey.... sappening guildies!
Hey, that's MY favorite song!
Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday
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Embers Rising - About us

Pheck a posted Oct 23, 13
Have you checked out the About us link at the top of the page? Go and see what Embers Rising is all about, where we came from and how we plan to keep this community going long term.

Raid and Loot Rules

Pheck a posted Oct 13, 13
Everyone who joins Embers Rising and has an interest in raiding needs to be aware of these. Every single member wishing to raid has to have an understanding of how we work when we raid and why we do what we do. I believe at this moment in time, this is the fairest way. It stays in line with our non elitist style and is based around your commitment and attitude towards the guild - and not just for yourself. 

Here is the link straight to the Raid and Loot Rules.
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