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VAZ! <3
Or are we?!
Just take your time. We're still here :-)
Miss you guys too! Tempted to come back but cant really atm :(
We miss you friend :-)
Blame me? :(
You totally should!
I blame Vaz!
does he?
The Postmaster deserves a gigantic raise.
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A guild Meet-up!

Zayber AGM posted Feb 8, 16

I have been thinking, and also been talking, for some time now, about a guild meet-up. So I would like to get lots of suggestions, to a time and place. so let's try and keep it cheap and easy for the most people here. okay? okay! 

I think we should maybe go for somthing in late summer? august, september?

Blossy E In terms of length, I think 3 nights will be reasonable to make it worth while but not too expensive and people can get...
Zayber AGM okay, so Gdansk, Poland and Berlin Germany are suggestions. please come with more and we can get a vote going. also try...
Blossy E yeah I'm down for a vote

Bel's leaving post

Belamros A posted Jul 28, 15

Time to say goodbye here

Many happy returns to those members of Embers born in January.

These are;

1st - Brokenrib and Darkcrew

2nd - Fairah

5th - Urdu

6th - Gob and Marthinus

7th - Scroffles

8th - Zia

13th - Xentan

16th - CaveMaster

19th - Danimus

24th - Pimmen
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