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i miss you guys
queue it up
These queues.
Wololo! Wololo!
Puzzle linked by Cruxxi solved :sick:
my head hurts :sick: [link]
Its lovely to be back :sick:
Ahahah. Oh dear.
If this name and text doesn't make it into the final game, they might as well cancel WoW now "[link]"
You do not have access to shout

Many happy returns to those members of Embers born in January.

These are;

1st - Brokenrib and Darkcrew

2nd - Fairah

5th - Urdu

6th - Gob and Marthinus

7th - Scroffles

8th - Zia

13th - Xentan

16th - CaveMaster

19th - Danimus

24th - Pimmen
Here's to all of you. Hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year!!
Today he finally hit 100!!! Now all he needs to do is pull his finger out and gear up, ready for raiding Highmaul!!
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