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Wololo! Wololo!
Puzzle linked by Cruxxi solved :sick:
my head hurts :sick: [link]
Its lovely to be back :sick:
Ahahah. Oh dear.
If this name and text doesn't make it into the final game, they might as well cancel WoW now "[link]"
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Today he finally hit 100!!! Now all he needs to do is pull his finger out and gear up, ready for raiding Highmaul!!

Warlords of draenor

Belamros a posted Nov 6, 14
Well guys, WoD is nearly upon us! Less than a week to go, time to get your heirlooms from Garrosh, last minute gear from SoO, or your legendary cloak. Either way, let's do it all as a community as we are! Raid days are being organised before the release to help out.

During the release, mumble has been increased to 20 slots, level up with guildies, run those instances and get that item you're after. Enjoy the lore and story lines, go as fast or slow as you want (slow in my case ;-( ) but most of all have fun! Here is the moment we have all been waiting for!

Farnabus Glad the guild is happy with WoD Can't wait to join back the adventures as soon as I'm able! ...
Scroffles a Any chance we can change the title to Borelords of Queuenor for now?
Graev Glad i've been another expansion with Embers, on to the next one! ...
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